Medford Sunrise Rotary organized two community-wide shredding events in November and March--and processed more than 30,000 pounds of recycled papers and documents. "That's 15 1/2 tons that did not go into landfills, saving 250 trees and thousands of gallons of oil and water," said club president  Chris Forward. The most recent event alone accepted 11,545 pounds of documents from neighbors from Marlton to Tabernacle and shredded them right in front of their eyes. "Cars were lined up waiting for us to open, and people were so grateful that they made voluntary donations, all of which we will use for local community service projects," Forward added.
Medford Sunrise Rotary welcomes local residents who enjoy the networking power of working alongside business and civic leaders while volunteering on projects that improve the community through such endeavors as the Burlington County Field of Honor, Eagle Scout projects, taking meals to Ronald McDonald House residents, collecting "treats" for soldiers serving overseas and serving the homeless. New members are welcome. For more information, call Jim Robinson at 609.923.3881